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Community Resources

District Referral Resources

Need Dentist/No insurance:

Smiles for Kids Dental Clinic   393-0594

(they do serve medicaid children)

Creighton Dental Program   280-5990



Brain Tumor Education and Support Group  NE Med Center 42nd and Emile St.  559-4420

One World Community Health   734-4110

Charles Drew Health Center   451-3553

UNMC has a nurse practitioners clinic that operates during limited hours Monday - Thurs. - 595-2794


Nebraska  (formerly NE Children's Hearing Aid Bank)
Provides hearing aids to chilren ages 0-18 with priority to newly identified children ages 0-3 yrs.  To qualify, the child cannot have hearing aid coverage through Medicaid, MHCP, or private insurance. 
For more information, please email or call 402-472-0043.
HIKE Fund  A special endowment fund that provides hearing and/or assistive listening devices to children in need.  For Information and an Application Form please contact:
The HIKE Fund, Inc.
c/o HIKE Board Secretary
10115 Cherryhill PL
Spring Hill, FL  34608-7116

Drug Testing:

Midwest Minor Medical  (3 locations) 


8610 W. Dodge Rd # 2, Omaha - (402) 827-6511


5310 S 84th St # 100, Omaha - (402) 827-6720

13518 West Center Road, Omaha - (402) 827-6502

Drugtek Inc.  2718 S. 148t Cir.  Omaha, NE  68144  330-5303


Eye Exams/Glasses:

Free eye exam clinic for children under the age of 19.  The clinic meets the first Thursday of every month from 1:00 -4:00. Clients are served on a ‘first come-first served’ basis.


One World

4920 So. 30th St., Suite 103  Omaha

397-1626  (no appointment necessary)


Prescription Medication Assistance:

The Salvation Army can sometimes assist with one free prescription - 898-5860

The I Care Program is a local program that can also help families as they collaborate with drug companies.  552-3914


Therapeutic Resources:

Child Savings Institute   553-6000  x-157 for the Shelter

Community Counseling Program (Methodist Hospital)   354-6891 (Free)

Children’s Respite Care Centers   496-1000 (Ask for Heather Feser)

Cancer Survivorship Group-402  559-4420  NE Med Center 42nd and Emile St.

Heartland Family Service   552-7005  2101 S. 42nd St.  68105  553-3000

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Support Groups 800-347-1074 

Lutheran Family Services   894-4794

Region 6/Professional Partners   996-8377

Teen Support for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  955-3900  Children’s Behavioral Health  1000 N. 90th St.  Ste. 200

Ted E. Bear Hollow   grief services, groups for children and families

347 North 76th St. Omaha, NE 68114-3627 (402) 502-2773


General Assistance:

Douglas County General Assistance   444-6215

United Way  2-1-1

Heart Ministry Center   451-2321

Together Inc.   (multiple services)   345-8047

Catholic Charities   554-0520

St. Vincent DePaul   (food)   346-5445

Nebraska Food Bank  331-1213

St. John Vianney  (food pantry)  895-0808

St. Stephen the Martyr (food) 896-9675  

Red Cross Pantry   343-7755

Westside Church  (food pantry)  496-7833


NE Determinations Section:

NE Dept. of Education    402 471-2961 

Dave Sprague/Disability Examiner  1-800-331-5616